Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB as independent international multi- professional, multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder „silo-free“ membership-platform of “RÜNJHAID! Freundeskreis der nordfriesischen Seefahrerinseln Föhr, Amrum, der Halligen, Sylt, der Insel Kos und der Medicinale e.V.” is orchestrated by it`s Members and Guests, the Board of Directors, the Medical Board, the Advisory Board, the Board of Experts, the Ambassadors and Speakers to support as Circle of Friends and “Concerned Citizens” in the Tradition of a “Club of Cos” THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB – bringing the World of Medicine once a year together in Berlin in synchronization with the local Health Sciences Leadership for Europe and beyond and as Network-, Community- and Alliance-Builder to transform the patient centric ecosystem towards sustained innovation in order to create, deliver and capture value to each and every key stakeholder of the HEALTH 4.0 Ecosystem. The vision behind this membership-platform is to improve „Value for the Patient, Value for the Civil Society and a sustainable synchronized Framework of International Economics for value-based Healthcare


THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB is held in complete academic freedom and independence. It strives to improve the health of all people, all over the world – regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, mental or physical disabilities, appearance or skin color, or national/religious/social background.


It is our principle to treat everyone with respect and consideration, to communicate openly and thoughtfully with others, and to be considerate of the multitude of views and opinions that are different than our own. We do not permit any form of harassment, intimidation or discrimination, nor do we accept physical or verbal abuse.


Corruption or bribery in any form will not be tolerated. This applies to all members, employees, business partners, suppliers, distributors, and sales agents.


We value ethics across all aspects of our activities and planning. An ethical organizational culture requires all members to manifest their ethics in their daily attitudes and behaviour, while constantly avoiding conflict of interests and prevailing on the way of common good.


Compliance to governance best practices into every aspect of the scope of activities on THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and its Alliance of partners. We are committed to maintaining a world-class culture in every decision-making and attitudinal behaviour with regards to our purpose and scope of activities.


We value transparency in every aspect of our communication, actions and reporting. Every member is committed to disseminate this behavioural attitude through her/his own example within THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB Network & Alliance.


We expect the leadership of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and of the Alliance Network to lead by example, to uphold and foster a culture of compliance, ethics and integrity, and to provide a secure and respectful environment.


We hope to see the same attitude among our members, partners and attendees, and look forward to experiencing peaceful and fruitful events together. Only by working together across all borders and integrating academia, politics, civil society, and the private sector can we achieve our joint mission of making the world a healthier place.


As a conscious and sustainable non-for-profit membership-platform we pay special attention to resource-conserving practices in everything we do. That includes e.g. setting off carbon emissions from speakers’ flights to THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB Berlin Hub, to SÜNJHAID! The Health Captains on Föhr Island and Kos Island and environmentally conscious printing.


We call on representatives from every health-related sector to actively participate as member in THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and contribute their expertise.


We support the active inclusion and full participation of disabled people in society, in line with the EU human rights approach to disability issues. Disability is a rights issue and not a matter of discretion. THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB will always be accessible to participants with disabilities.