The Appointment Committee of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS INSTITUTE-Faculty

The Appointment Committee for the 50 Members of the Insitute-Faculty and the Institute-President consists of the Chairpersons of the Board of Trustees, the Medical Board, the Advisory Board and is chaired by the Club’s President.


You are welcome on Board to engage as Member of the College-Faculty. Please contact the President’s Office of  THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB for your Input and Support.

“ What drives me is a kind of motto in life. You have to try to think the unthinkable. If we don’t ask questions, we don’t get answers. I think it is important to carefully analyze dogmas that exist in different areas of life. Even in the scientific field, it is not always credible what these dogmas convey to us – however, they occasionally erect intellectual fences that we must try to tear down.”


President Emeritus German Cancer Research Center DKFZ

Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine