Every year we want to expand our Twin-Chapter-System internationally because all future of medicine is international:


To scale success stories we connect two international Metropolregions towards one Twin-Chapter @ THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB – the Club-Chapter is started by a CORE-Team of max. 5 Members. The CORE is building the Chapter Strategy, Actionplans, White Papers, Policy Papers and other Publications. Twin-Chapters can expand towards Triplet-Chapters.

The CORE is in the lead to get supported by a Chapter Think-Tank (max. 15 Members) and a Chapter Brainpool (max. 50 Members). Following the Neuroleadership-Experience every Twin-Chapter consists of max. 150 Members to maintain sustainable relationships and to orchestrate Tipping-Points for success towards Medicine 4.0 and One Health.

All Chapters meets for their yearly action plan on February 21th in person by coming together for THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB New Year Reception.

Once a month all CORE-Team`s meets for 60 to max. 90min online to synchronize results and next-steps. Also the Chapter-CORE´s as also Chapter independent CORE´s are acting as active program commissions for

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB BERLIN FORUM (The International Perspective),

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB HEIDELBERG FORUM (The European Perspective) and the since 20 years traditional yearly

ISLAND SYMPOSIA CYCLE FÖHR-AMRUM-SYLT (The “Davos” Perspective) @ THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB. Based on the Neuroleadership-Experience and to achieve sustainability of the outcomes all Symposia of the Club are limited to max. 150 Participants. Identical the Island Symposia are limited to 150 Participants per Island. Though early registration is a key factor to participate.

Once a quarter three CORE´s are running a THINK-TANK or BRAINPOOL (consist of three Chapter Think-Tanks) together to share results and to synchronize their action plans to exchange and scale success stories.

In the long term we are planing another Forum and yearly Symposium on the Greek Island Kos to take action to built a new Hippocartic Oath for One Health and to develop an international value-based One Health Ecosystem Strategy for Europe and beyond. The Medical School of Hippocrates of Kos was started about 2.500 Years ago. This is the right historic place to think and act for One Health and Health 4.0 together. We try to partner with the International Hippocratic Foundation on Kos Island.

In 2020 we started our first Twin-Chapter: Berlin – New York to start with TRANSATLANTIC BRIDGING first.

Since 2021 the next Twin-Chapters are following. Every year we want to expand our Twin-Chapter-System internationally because all future of medicine is international.


Goals and tasks of the Association

“The general promotion of the establishment of an international reference hybrid library on Föhr Island, reflecting the contents of the association’s purposes and the preamble of the association, and a multilingual internet presence for the download of digitalised writings reflecting the association’s purposes, for the general promotion of popular education.”

To make this happen our goal together is to establish THE HEALTH CAPTAINS INSTITUTE for sustainable Health 4.0 and One Health.