The Board of Ambassadors is transdisciplinary and international. Based on our knowledge about Neuroleadership and the Dunbar-Number 150 and Tipping Point Number 150 in context with the Social Brain Hypothesis the Board of Ambassadors is composed of max. 150 Members to support connecting the dots by sustainable SYNAPTING for 360º Next Generation Healthcare.

The Board of Ambassadors is multi-professional towards 360º NEXT GENERATION HEALTHCARE with the Focus to support Innovation-, Technology- and Strategy-Transfer to scale solutions together. Our Credo is to stop re-inventing the wheel again and again and the Fragmentation in Healthcare, Health Scienes and Health Industry towards value-based Healthcare Solutions. To support the frontline of innovation and technology transfer we try to built together an “embassy-system” for University Medial Centers, Health Sciences Institutes and Business and there Partners as a Welcome Center for 360º NEXT GENERATION HEALTHCARE – you are welcome on Board to bring others on Board:

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB is the 360º Leadership-Platform organizing and catalyzing the UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER Leadership Summit (UMC-Summit) before the World Health Summit in Berlin to combine and challenge the international perspective versus the european and national perspectives at the BERLIN FORUM and HEIDELBERG FORUM powered by THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB.

The UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER Leadership Summit serves as an catalyst and hub for more sustainable Public-Private-Philanthropic Partnerships (“4P’s for UMC’s” – Innovation powered by Philanthopy) – towards 360º Next Generation Healthcare by building more AMC-Alliances together @ &

Therefore we invite you and ask you to support THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB to target Leadership of UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTERS (UMC´s) to start with Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Israel, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia …  to join us as UMC-Ambassadors of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB to scale creative minds and diversity to built UMC-Brainpools for more international collaborations within AMC´s on all levels by sharing and scaling AMC-Solutions and AMC-Innovations for the global health market and to cultivate more sustainable and share internationally value systems for more global value-based Healthcare Data-Sharing.

To support more Public-Private-Philanthropic Partnerships = “4P`s for UMC´s” we invite Leadership of Health Foundations from Europe and beyond to join our Board of Ambassadors and to participate at the Berlin UMC-Summit and our #HealthFoundationDay on Sylt Island. Alone in Germany we count >1.000 Health Foundations.

The Task as a Whole of the Board of Ambassadors is to built “Breakthrough-Alliances” for “360º Next Generation Healthcare – Navigating Smart Health powered by Smart Healthcare Business” towards more value-based Healthcare and to scale Leadership for exploring sustainable Health: Navigating towards One Health together.

Welcome aboard!