Dr. Patrick Bröker, MBA

Invest in Health Strategist and Advisor



02.2021 – now

Potsdam Transfer, University of Potsdam Transfermanager

  • Network to bring science and business together
  • Initiate, coordinate und support knowledge & technology

    transfer from university of potsdam, Fraunhofer institutions IZI

    & IAP & “Fakultät der Gesundheitswissenschaften” into industry

01.2019 – now

Humangold GmbH Managing Director

  • Securing financing by using the nationwide and regional development landscapes
  • Addressing investors and potential cooperation partners
  • Implementation of marketing and sales strategies
  • Customer acquisition

06.2018 – 05.2019

EXIST- Founder scholarship holder „Psy&B“ Project leader & Initiator

EXIST is a grant from the ministry of economy and energy (BMWi) to incorporate a company

    • Business Developer
    • Development of a supporting network
    • Creation of marketing and sales strategies
    • Writing of the financial plan and business plan
    • Acquisition of pilot costumers

04.2015 – 12.2018

Bröker INVEST GmbH & Co.KG  Managing Director

  • Consulting and coaching of start-up projects
  • Responsible for admission to the consulting and coaching pools

    of the Federal Office of Economics & Export Control (BAFA), the WFBB and start-up centres Berliner und Brandenburger Universitäten

  • Development of a supporting network
  • Support and leading of own investments

10.2012 – 12.2017

Potsdam Transfer, University of Potsdam

08.2015 – 12.2017

Consultant for spin-offs out of University of Potsdam

  • Support spin-offs finding capital & writing grants
  • Coaching entrepreneurs in
    • Projectplaning
    • Team composition and competence diversification
    • Financing strategy
    • Business plan preparation
  • Presentation training for addressing investors
  • Evaluation of start-up projects in relation to
    • Level of innovation and opportunities for special funding
    • Strategies and prospects of success
    • Teamcompetencies
  • Development of an investors & companies network

10.2012 – 12.2015


  • Working out the exploitation potential of scientific work with students, doctoral researchers and professors
  • Advice on funding opportunities for
    • Start-upprojects
    • Transfer & Collaboration projects with companies

07.2011 – 07.2012

Nova Biomedical GmbH  Consultant

  • Customer acquisition
  • Price and implementation negotiations

01.2009 – today

Bröker Besitzgesellschaft mbH & Co.KG  Managing Director

05.2008 – 06.2011

University of Potsdam, SpinOff-Project iPOC Scientific Research Employee

  • Development of Point-of-Care devices
  • Publication in professional journals
  • Presentations at trade exhibitions

11.2006 – 05.2008

GILUPI GmbH  Scientific Research Employee

  • Development of the diagnostic agent
  • Design and implementation of validation experiments



University degree Master of Business Administration

10.2012 – 01.2013

Master thesis at Prof. Dr. K. Hölzle, Potsdam: „Welche Maßnahmen fördern akademische Spin-Offs von naturwissenschaftlichen Mitarbeitern und Studenten im Wirkungsbereich der Universität Potsdam?“


Study Master of Business Administration (MBA) at University of Potsdam (BioMedTech)

06.2003 – 06.2006

PhD Thesis at Prof. Dr. A. Kirschning, Hanover: “Synthesis of artificial aminoglycosides and development of test systems to investigate binding sites on RNA”

09.2002 – 03.2003

Diploma Thesis at Prof. Dr. A. Kirschning, Hanover
“ Synthesis of artificial aminoglycosides ”