Vision & Mission

The international multiprofessional Community of the THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB focus on:

Value for the Patient, Value for the Civil Society and a sustainable synchronized Framework of International Economics for value-based One Health

The Highway towards the Future of Medicine is global Outcome-Measurement Transparency

The Future of Health is international towards HEALTH 4.0 & ONE HEALTH



To transform the current healthcare models to a more sustainable & value-based ecosystem serving all stakeholders and improving healthcare accessibility:

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB focus therefore on „Value for the Patient“:

The Patient will be the CEO of his HEALTH 4.0 – Medicine will get sustainable towards Precision Prevention and Healthy Aging.

We have to create like the global GPS coverage (e.g. Google Maps) the Navigation System for Medicine 4.0 together.

We will transform the patient centric ecosystem towards sustained innovation in order to create, deliver and capture value to each and every key stakeholder of the HEALTH 4.0 Ecosystem.

Sustainability is getting the global key factor for Health Systems – after #COVID19 Pandemie there is no way back to Impression Medicine.

With #NewNormal we have to execute “Sustainability for One Health” together. Human Health, Animal Health and Ecosystems are inextricably linked.


Our mission is to develop the strategy and the execution in close collaboration with all the key stakeholders in Europe and beyond to transform towards a sustainable HEATH 4.0 Ecosystem, while creating the most open, collaborative and social capital based network, and implementing the most value based patient centricity innovative ecosystem solutions in order to increase significantly and sustainably the quality of human life and the extension of the human healthy lifespan in the most accessible, affordable and simple way.

Leadership starts with you and us “Health Captains” together – please join and support THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB to execute our Mission together:

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB works on the execution of “ONE HEALTH”: “One Health” is built on a simple understanding – that human health, animal health and our shared environment are part of a deeply interconnected system.

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