Welcome Aboard!

YOUNG LEADERS and YOUNG TALENTS navigating together towards “360º Next-Generation Leadership” for ONE HEALTH:

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB offers Mentorship for next-generation YOUNG LEADERS and YOUNG TALENTS and is building for the generations to come The Health Captains College Mentorship Academy to shape the Excellence of “360-Degree Next-Generation multiprofessional and international #NewLeadership for the HEALTH INDUSTRY, HEALTH SCIENCES and HEALTH POLICY” together.

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE act for the Board of Leaders and Young Talents as Mentorship Academy for Health 4.0 and One Health in Europe and beyond. You can apply as student in medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing sciences, health sciences, public health, bioinformatics, biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology , digital health sciences, biology, zoology, information technology, physics, robotics, engineering, health economics, national economics, medical law  etc. – we want to promote a real diverse next-generation leadership eco-system for sustainable Medicine and One Health from Europe and beyond.

In the long term we are planing a 360º Young Leader and Young Talents Forum and yearly Symposium on the Greek Island Kos – the Island of Doctors – to take action to built a new Multiprofessional Hippocartic Oath for One Health together powered by THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE and supported by THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and to develop an international value-based One Health Ecosystem Strategy for Europe and beyond. The Medical School of Hippocrates of Kos was started about 2.500 Years ago. This is the right historic place to think and act for One Health to explore sustainable Medicine 4.0 together. We try to partner with the International Hippocratic Foundation on Kos Island. Your Input and Support is welcome.

You are welcome on Board – leadership starts with you and in every generation new and we want to support you with our mentorship and our “silo free” multiprofessional strategic network system for sustainable Medicine 4.0 and One Health. We offer Young Leaders a Membership @ THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and to take action together in our Board of Young Leaders. Please contact us that we can support you with our network and alliance system – we are promoting as founding body of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE for #NewNormal the scaling of #NewLeadership for Health 4.0.

The Board of Young Leaders is transdisciplinary, diverse and international. Based on the Social Brain Hypothesis and our knowledge about Neuroleadership , the Dunbar-Numbers , the Tipping-Point-Strategy and the Medici Effect the Board of Young Leaders is composed of max. 150 Members to build a synchronized and strong strategic network system towards Leadership for exploring sustainable Health.

Peparing the next-generation young leadership for HEALTH 4.0 and ONE HEALTH

At the start THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB is building an educational network to lead and motivate the healthcare and health sciences workforce to prepare for the HEALTH 4.0 –

Education is the Keyfactor for the transformation towards sustainable medicine and care. As example we show the results of The Topol Review for the NHS:

The Topol Review outlined recommendations to ensure the NHS is the world leader in using digital technologies to benefit patients. It will involve implementing technologies such as genomics, digital medicine, artificial intelligence and robotics at a faster pace and on a greater scale than anywhere else in the world.