Ruben Tollmann

Medical Student & Co-Founder medzudo


Ruben Tollmann is a medical student who began his studies in Riga, Latvia in 2018, switched to Rostock, Germany in 2020, and is currently in his 10th semester. In addition to his studies, Ruben serves as a member of the student council at the University of Rostock, Marburger Bund and Hartmann Bund. He also works as a project manager at Tion Health AG, a company that focuses on promoting current startups in the healthcare industry. Additionally, Ruben, along with three other dental students, founded the “Medzudo Club” platform. This platform aims to create a community for the healthcare system and promote exchange between medical students, young doctors, and other professionals. This includes the sharing of knowledge and experiences, as well as the creation of a network for professional and personal exchange.