Miriam Moser

Nursing Counseling / Nursing Sciences
Digital Health / Advanced Nursing Counseling / Nursing Sciences
Ferdinand Porsche FernFH


Miriam Moser graduated in the School for General Health and Nursing in Vienna in 2002 and then gained practical experience in clinical and out-of-hospital healthcare for several years. As a training manager for rare disease patients, I was responsible for all of Austria, hold training and consultations with all stakeholders and was also responsible for emergency hotline. So, she noticed more and more passion for advice and training and that is why she decided on the case management training and afterwards to complete the master’s degree in Advanced Nursing Counseling / Nursing Sciences.

During the studies we already got to know the first approaches of digital health care, such as a disease management program for heart failure patients at the Charite in Berlin and helping to develop a drink smart mug together with technicians. Since technology and business were still part of the process to acquire more knowledge, she began studying Aging Services Management in 2020.

I am very committed to Linked in the digital health sector, as she sees an opportunity to ensure sustainable health care for the generation afterwards.

Digitization can be used preventively but also to promote health, but it can also be useful for monitoring chronic illnesses and to gain better empowerment about their health or illness in this Miriam sees a great opportunity.

There are endless ways we can start creating sustainable healthcare.