Islands are the frontal Zones of Earth

“Islands are the frontal zones of the earth in which the main problems of development and environmental change become apparent”

Quote from Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations (United Nations 1999)

FÖHR Island

The Health Captains (LEADERSHIP)

The Health Captains on Föhr Island are since 2002 the founding format of SÜNJHAID! with a focus on value-based Leadership – since 2003 the Think Tank, Symposium and the brain pools of the “Health Captains” have been taking place on the Ascension Day every year on the North Frisian Seafaring Island of Föhr – first thinking, then acting – SÜNJHAID! is always a possible combination of think tank and authentic short vacation on the island of Föhr according to our motto: “RHÜM HAART, KLAR KIMMING” (Fering: “A big open heart and a clear horizon”). As a Concerned Citiziens in health care, we feel committed to this motto of the North Frisian Islands from Föhr. As people and as responsible persons, we look beyond the professional horizon – because responsibility for health is a task for society as a whole!

On Föhr Island we supplement this spiritual nucleus to insular commitment and cheerfulness and the experience of being able to share with friends – “SÜNJHAID! The Health Captains: Partners, Family, Friends and Collegues are always welcome – since 2003 “: Wadding, riding, golfing, sailing, surfing, cycling, moving: participating in SÜNJHAID! on the health island Föhr is always a family experience with a high emotional anchorage. Our goal is for all participating health captains from Föhr Island to return to their work places charged with an authentic “wellbeing experience” and in this sense the leadership compass from SÜNJHAID! internalize and disseminate.

AMRUM Island

The Health Entrepreneurs (Sustainability)

The focus The Health Entrepreneurs @ THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB is committed to the cultivation and activation of sustainable entrepreneurship in the Health Industry that is oriented towards patient benefit: Think-Tank and Network for the Future of value-based Health Sciences Entrepreneurship. Sustainable health entrepreneurship: from the desire to be a health entrepreneur …– we are looking for: “dynamic entrepreneurs“, “pioneering entrepreneurs“, “inventor entrepreneurs” and “company inventors“.

Academic definition: Entrepreneurship refers on the one hand to the exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as the creative and creative part in the entrepreneurial process, or a phase of active entrepreneurial change, and on the other hand to a scientific sub-discipline in business administration. The associated start-up research presents itself as an interdisciplinary research area.

THE HEALTH CAPITAINS CLUB promotes and disseminates the concept developed by Michael Porter & colleagues (e.g. Dr. Clemens Guth, MD, MBA & Bernd Altpeter) at Harvard Business School of a health economy geared towards “value-based healthcare”, i.e. the main economic incentive is patient benefit. SÜNJHAID! @ THCC would like to have “sustainable health entrepreneurship” and start-up personalities who are interested in the “value-based healthcare concept” by Porter & Kollegen, i.e. entrepreneurial actions geared towards patient benefit, orientate, actively promote and work with network partners, e.g. the club of the healthindustry and others strategically together. “The Health Entrepreneurs” are the latest format from SÜNJHAID ! Networking for the Future of Health Sciences.

The goal is to anchor “The Health Entrepreneurs” parallel to the health captains on Amrum Island.

SYLT Island

The Health Trustees  (Philanthropy)

The focus of The Health Trustees @ THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB is committed to the cultivation and activation of sustainable philanthropy in the healthcare sector that is oriented towards patient benefit: “Think-Tank and Network for the Future of value-based Philanthropy in Health Sciences”.

Philanthropy literally means humanity, solidarity or charity and is a guiding principle for HEALTH CAPTAINS.

Philanthropy is affirmative, person-related, value-related and is universal – it is the sustainable responsibility of successful entrepreneurs and privileged personalities, part of leadership – and particularly important in the context of health and illness.

A closer link between the profit, non-profit and science sectors in the healthcare industry that focuses on patient benefit helps all those responsible. New “silo-free” forms of collaboration based on the same goals (e.g. Value-based Healthcare & Precision Medicine & Regenerative Medicine) should be created and cultivated here.

“The Health Trustees! INNOVATIONS ON PATIENT BENEFIT” take up this for the health sciences industry:

The Health Trustees! are a sustainability initiative for the digital and molecular transformation of medicine towards e.g. digital health, precision medicine and regenerative medicine at the interface between profit & non-profit & health sciences,  start-up entrepreneurs and investors.

The Health Trustees! are a multi-professional, multi-stakeholder think-tank and forum with a start-up slam in Berlin in association with the “Hoppegartner Health Panel” and the subsequent race day of health on the traditional race track Hoppegarten – horse racing since 1868 – goal of the “race day of the health industry” and “The Health Trustees!” is to cultivate a new, unused, old pattern-breaking format, as a meeting place at the named interfaces between the health industry, health science, health policy and the health foundations, the philanthropists and investors:

This masterpiece as whole feels exclusively committed to the benefit of the patient, which is why it bears the subtitle “INNOVATIONS FOR PATIENT BENEFIT” – innovations that measurably improve the outcome for the patient should be introduced more quickly into clinics and practices through our sustainability initiative, especially with the help of health foundations.

KOS Island

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB starts 2022 to work on interacting with The International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos to build for our Board of Young Leaders powered by THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE 360-degree next-generation Leadership for ONE HEALTH.


The International Hippocratic Foundation of Kos

a) To relay and cultivate the Ideals of Medicine as conceived and applied by Hippocrates it 25 centuries ago, and described the humanitarian notions of “either aid or do not harm”, and “where love for man exists, love for art will also follow”.

b) To extend the values of Hippocratic Medicine based humanitarian consciousness and philanthropic morality of Physicians and the inauguration of a new era of “humanized” medicine whose sole purpose is to serve and upgrade the life of man.

c) To publish the work of Hippocrates, manuscripts relating to Hippocratic Medicine, publications of the post Hippocratic era work related to Hippocratic Ideals and to promote the spirit and moral principles of Hippocrates by using all appropriate means (e.g. Internet)

d] To establish and function of independent or affiliated Hospitals, Institutes or Laboratories of Scientific Research for the promotion of Biomedical Sciences as well as a Conference Center, Hippocratic Library and a Museum of Medicine.

e) To provide hospitality within the building to doctors who wish to conduct studies medical or historical studies or research ancient Greek culture in the Asklepieion isolated and far from any noise, within the Hippocratic Sacred Space and other archaeological treasures of the Kos for a short time, regardless of gender, ethnicity and race for a minimal amount.

f) To organize a Meeting for Physicians from all over the world at the INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CONFERENCE (International Medical Olympiad) for the exchange of thoughts and the interchanging of various current issues, and in particular for the Hippocratic and Neo-Hippocratic Medicine and Cosmic Theory of Medical Ethics.

g) To award the best study, which deals with the advancement of medical science in general and in particular with Hippocratic Medicine during the International Medical Olympiad. To organize special events in order to honor those who have won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. The awards will be awarded by the Supreme Officer of the Greek State.