The CORE`s of 5

The CORE`s of 5 are the beating hearts of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB:

Following the Neuroleadership-Experience we start to take action @ THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB with a CORE of 5.

The CORE-Team´s built THINK-TANK´s of 15 and BRAINPOOL`s of 50 as sounding-Boards for their support and feedback knowledge-network. The CORE´s act also as Program Commission for our Berlin, Heidelberg and Föhr-Amrum-Sylt Island Cycle Panels to make their results of their working continium continuously public.

The CORE´s of 5 are the nucleus and beating hearts of all action plans of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB. We try to operate the cores in such a way that the participants only partially know each other beforehand, if possible, in order to promote an optimum of creativity and new thinking about patient benefit and the further development of health systems towards sustainability. The CORE´s are all small teams to explore sustainable HEALTH 4.0.

Our Health Captains act as sovereigns and the CORE teams navigate themselves independently. Everything happens on the basis of intrinsic motivation to improve the existing conditions through personal commitment to give an living example of leadership together.

Inpedendend CORE´s

CORE`s can advance their topics independently of our FORUM- and CHAPTER-System. This supports acting in diversity together over continents as also as local acting CORE. We want to support the full horizon of interaction and independend CORE´s should exchange and give input to all CHAPTER´s

Example: Our CORE “Patient Experience and Patient Centric Medicine” – Members:

Twin-Chapter CORE´s

To scale success stories we connect two international Metropolregions by one Twin-Chapter-CORE @ THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB – This CORE`s are building the Chapter Strategy, Actionplans, coordinating White Papers-Processes, orchestrating Policy Papers out of BRAINPOOL´s  and other Publications.

Example: In 2020 we started our first Twin-Chapter-CORE: Berlin – New York to start with TRANSATLANTIC BRIDGING first. Founders:

Since 2021 the next Twin-Chapter-CORE´s are following. Every year we want to expand our Twin-Chapter-System internationally because all future of medicine is international.

CORE´s as Panel Program Commission

The CORE´s are also acting as Panel Program Commissions for our SYMPOSIA:

  • THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB BERLIN FORUM – “The International Perspective”
  • THE ISLAND SYMPOSIUM CYCLE FÖHR-AMRUM-SYLT – “The Davos Perspective”: “Leadership (Föhr Island) – Entrepreneurship (Amrum Island) – Breakthrough Alliances power by Philanthropy (Sylt Island)

to publish their results in synchronization with their THINK-TANK and BRAINPOOL to keep the Working Continum going and to involve the complete club-ecosystem and to make results and solutions public.

CORE-Teams act as the founding Faculty for THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE

Some CORE´s are focused on acting as the founding faculty and body for our next-generation leadership academy for  THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE developing and running the curriculum. Your Input and Support is welcome – Leadership and Mentorship for the next generations starts with you. Only better leadership will bring better health. This where HEALTH 4.0 and ONE HEALTH starts.


CORE FÖHR (Focus Leadership) towards THINK-TANK FÖHR

CORE AMRUM (Focus Entrepreneurship)

CORE SYLT (Focus Health Policy & Health Industry and Patient Experience & Patient Centric Medicine)