Hubertus Schmidt

Founder & Co-CEO
Digital Transformation
Concectimus GbR


Founder & Co-CEO Concectimus GbR

I’m working in different international leadership positions since more than 25 years. My main focus throughout this journey was to advise international customers in Asia, Arabia, South America, Europe on their way towards a future-oriented (digital) transformation.

Accompanying customers from all different industry sectors across the globe healthcare is at my heart. In the beginning of 2020, I co-founded a consulting company which supports healthcare companies on its transformational journey to prevent that all upcoming new technologies and innovations are not just leading to a fragmented application landscape, instead do provide a real benefit to the society and its people. In this context and based on my long-term experiences digital transformations have to start with people – understanding and not least knowing the why is a key success factor before talking about how and what. Hence, enabling business & digital transformation means to put culture of organizations into focus followed by processes and technologies.

While having studied economics and socio economics at the University of Augsburg, I’m now really happy of having the opportunity to provide my experiences as an assistant professor to students in modules such as digital transformation, international entrepreneurship & innovation, or strategic business model development at Gemany’s biggest private university FOM in Munich.