Henri Michael von Blanquet is a medical doctor and lives on Föhr Island in the North Sea and is the founder of the “PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE” (PMA), a multi-stakeholder business platform for precision medicine with the aim of developing scalable Standard Operating Procedures (SOP` s) to synchronize between the stakeholders in order to be able to implement “PRECISION MEDICINE FIRST” in the clinic in a scalable manner for the benefit of the patient in the future. His goal is sustainable medicine and navigating medicine towards One Health. Henri Michael von Blanquet holds today numerous advisory positions in the healthcare industry and was previously Medical Director at Molecular Health GmbH, Manager to the Chief Medical Officer and CEO of the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin, M&A Manager at Marseille-Kliniken AG and Hospital Management Consultant at Lohfert & Lohfert AG, among others. He completed his Masters in Hospital Management at the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel. His medical studies took place in Heidelberg and Paris, his doctorate at the German Cancer Research Center and the Institute for Immunology at the Ruprechts-Karls University in Heidelberg. Since 2003, he has also been the Founder and Chairman of “The Health Captains Think-Tank” formerly called “SÜNJHAID! = HEALTH!” on Föhr Island – since 2010 President of “The Circle of Friends of the North Frisian Islands Föhr, Amrum, Sylt, Kos Island and the Medicinale” – since 2020 President and Chairman of the Medical Board of the multi-professional and international multi-stakeholder THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB with about 250 Members in Europe and beyond. He is the Founder of the HEIDELBERG FORUM with the EUROPEAN HEALTH SUMMIT, the ISLANDFORUM Föhr-Amrum-Sylt for “360º Next-Generation-Healthcare” and the BERLIN FORUM with the UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER Leadership Summit and he is the Editor in Chief of “360º NEXT GENERATION HEALTHCARE – Navigating Smart Health powered by Smart Healthcare Business” at Springer Nature. Additionally he is today the Chairman of HEALTHCAPTAINS+COMPANY – the Profit-Center-Platform of the HEALTH CAPTAINS with the Focus to be Advisories towards the Owner Level.


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