Nadine Mattes

National Chairperson


“Establish a self-help group”! A friend told me that while I was sitting with her. Receiving Parkinson’s diagnosis at the age of 35 was like the end of the world for me personally. But when I was 36 years old and told that I had to retire, it was there, the second end of the world. My concern was not to be part of society anymore. What do I do with my time? Parkinson’s Youngster, that was the solution. I can help and at the same time I still have the opportunity to get help myself, contact and exchange with those affected. In 2018, I never thought that Parkinson’s youngster would become what it is today. But it shows us that it is important, we have other worries and fears. We need a hearing. We know how it is that one sentence “You have Parkinson’s” is my personal motivation. I want to encourage you, we can cry together, it is only important that we sit together with a smile at the end. So welcome, I look forward to hearing from you: