The BRAINPOOL`s of 50

The BRAINPOOLS of 50 are the Grand Rounds of the CORE´s of 5.

The BRAINPOOLS are all based on the Neuroleadership-Experience and are anchored as knowledge- and strategic-networks inside THE HEALTH CAPTAINS COLLEGE (starting in May, 2022) to share their Input, Expertise and Networks as “Grand Leadership Rounds of  Health Captains” with the Next-Leadership-Generation to accelerate the achievement of more sustainability for Medicine 4.0 and One Health out of our eco-system responsibilty and capacity: HEALTH 4.0 is a responsibility of the entire society and leadership starts with all of us: Today not tomorrow.

You are welcome on Board to join THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB to act for sustainable Health in togetherness. 

In the Membership On-Boarding process we invite our new members to express their fields of interests by offering to built some brainpools together in central fields of the “Superconvergence Transformation of Medicine” promoted by the Medical Doctor and bestselling Autor Eric Topol. Beyond others Eric is an valuable Orientation Personality to achieve HEALTH 4.0 together. All of us should read Eric Books for deeper understanding of the running transformation to show synchronized action for sustainable Medicine together. Your Input is very much welcome – we all have to learn more about Health 4.0 & One Health:

  • Value-based Healthcare
  • The Molecularization of Medicine
  • The Digitalization of Medicine
  • The 360-Degree Innovation Hub for One Health
  • The Age of Navigation for Medicine 4.0
  • European & International Scaling of Solutions
  • Smart Health
  • Salon of the Art of Healing
  • Combining Medicine & Science with Music & Art  for Creative Minds and Patients
  • Additional Brainpools can be built together with the growing international and divers Membership of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB:
  • All future of Medicine for sustainable Health is international:
  • Together we make it happen!

We all need to share more transdisciplinary knowledge and education in Europe and beyond for the Transformation on all Levels:

The CORE-Teams (3) can use their THINK-TANKS (3) to create a temporary or permanent brainpool . Just as well, three think tanks can work independently in the same way in a brain pool, and members can just as easily create their own brain pool. The focus is that communication and joint action remain lively and that we jointly operate a new leadership system that remains lively (fluid). Only together can we break through traditional patterns and become innovative.

Peparing the healthcare workforce for HEALTH 4.0

At the start THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB is building an educational network to lead and motivate the healthcare and health sciences workforce to prepare for the HEALTH 4.0 –

Education is the Keyfactor for the transformation towards sustainable medicine and care. As example we show the results of The Topol Review for the NHS:

The Topol Review outlined recommendations to ensure the NHS is the world leader in using digital technologies to benefit patients. It will involve implementing technologies such as genomics, digital medicine, artificial intelligence and robotics at a faster pace and on a greater scale than anywhere else in the world.