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Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet, M.D., MaHM – President THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB & RUENJHAID.ORG

Henri Michael von Blanquet is the founder of the PRECISION MEDICINE ALLIANCE (PMA), a multistakeholder business platform for Precision Health with the goal to establish skaleable Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and synchronization between all stakeholders on this value-based platform and establish PRECISION MEDICINE FIRST in the clinical world to achieve an optimal outcome for each individual patient and a sustainable performance of the healthcare systems. Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet holds numerous leading positions in the healthcare landscape and we support his saying “make precision medicine mainstream the ongoing shift in the relationship between patient and physician is key” – after COVID19-Pandemie we have to focus on sustainable Health 4.0. He is since 2002 also the founder and Chairman of SUENJHAID! The Health Captains ( for value-based Leadership. 2010 he started to be the acting President of the non-for-profit platform RUENJHAID.ORG – focused on sustainablity for Humans, Animals and Nature on Föhr Island, Amrum, Island, Sylt Island, the Halligen in the North Sea and Kos Island in Greece in the Mediterranean Sea, in Europe and beyond. Since 2019 he is the Chairman of the Medical Board of XPOMET and since 2020 the President of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB.

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