Dr. Lara Maier

Digital Health
Caspar Health


Lara Maier is a doctor who, after working at the University Hospitals rechts der Isar in Munich and the Charité in Berlin, now devotes herself to digital medicine. As Medical Director at Caspar Health, she is currently responsible for the company’s medical expertise, among other things. As a certified member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM) and nutritional physician (DGEM), she is particularly interested in prevention in the digital context. In addition, she uses her expert knowledge as a medical consultant for start-ups and companies to build the necessary bridge between “medical reality” and “digital transformation”. She is a KeyNote Speaker and regularly writes articles for various trade journals and the podcast “Visionaries of Health”.

Driven by digital health for the future of medicine, since it will not only improve the efficiency of our medical system, but also has the potential to change it from ‘sick care’ to real ‘health care’.