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Isabel Lenuck M.A. studied the culture and language of Tibet at the University of Hamburg and at the Tibet University in Lhasa and worked for more than twenty years at the Museum für Völkerkunde in Hamburg.

She is the author of several children’s books and a biographer for the elderly, e.g. Ich bin völlig unwichtig! published at and »ABER ICH HAB DOCH GAR NICHTS ZU ERZÄHLEN« 32 LEBEN MIT KUNST UND KULTUR.

Her passion is to write adventure stories and as the owner of she has created a lot of short stories for the products of several great companies.

As a mother of four, she is involved in child health and is co-founder of an interactive patient-centered platform that helps children and their parents understand what examinations are done in the hospital.

The are designed to reduce children’s fears during their hospital stay and make the waiting time in the emergency room more comfortable. The work of the staff is honored through appreciative storytelling and new role models for the future are generated.

By the way, she has remained faithful to her studies in Tibetology by working at the Tibetan Center in refugee aid since 2016 and helping to ensure that refugees receive education and health.