Dr. Katarzyna Zarychta

Ph.D., MSc. Eng. – Head Europe @ THCC
Oncology Market Development Europe


I grew up believing nothing is impossible… and I still do.
Bringing together two of my greatest passions — uncovering solutions and helping people — I persistently search for better ways to eradicate plaguing diseases, such as cancer, and make sure everyone gets to take advantage of such treatments. Equipped with a PhD in Laser Physics Laboratory and two graduate degrees specialising in Physics and Biomedical Engineering, then completing Harvard’s Executive Entrepreneurship Programs, I’m ready to tackle the most complex challenges in our current world. Leveraging extensive global leadership experience navigating projects and initiatives for international organisations and businesses like MagForce, and HistoIndex. My expertise for investigating and cultivating new trends in healthcare pioneered countless innovative solutions in Telehealth, Telemedicine, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Electronic Health Records (eHRS), General Data Protection Regulation GDPR, and more. My strategic approach to partnership development initiated many international collaborations, procured major project fundings and catalysed much needed continuous change. As Member and Ambassador of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB, I will be delighted to bring my knowledge and zeal in support of its mission.