Miriam Schnürer

MSc in Economics and Political Science

Senior Advisor for Hospital Information Systems and Hospital Process-, Risk, and Security Management
Federal Association for Critical Infrastructure


Miriam Schnürer is a Senior Advisor for hospital information systems and hospital processes, risk-, and security management, disruptive technologies and market access strategies. With her expertise Miriam permits her customers to build financially secured people focused solutions and ecosystems.

With her exceptional background of 25 years in healthcare, 15 years of which in executive positions of leading Healthtech companies and 4 years of interim management and consulting of national and international start ups, hospitals, military, VCs, and tech companies, Miriam can best be described as Jack of all trades and is delighted to join the Board of Experts of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and continue to promote change and transformation of healthcare.

A particular interest of her work lies on the impacts and remifications of future evolutions in medicine, science and technology, their convergence and how to drive successful digital transformations. Miriam stays convinced that digital transformation, and convergence of new technologies will not only empower people in new ways but will propel humanity significantly. Miriam is keen to redesign the conception and comprehension of what constitutes resilient societies and companies.

Addtionally to her work as interim manager and consultant, Miriam is a member of the health_h network, leads the NordHUB of the BSKI (Bundesverband for ciritcal Infrasturcture), and is co-founder of the GreenSEC Academy for Cybersecurity. Miriam is also a dedicated and active member of Rotary.