Dr. Sven Jansen

Healthcare (payer, provider, public funds); Life Sciences (pharma, biotech/biosimilars, medtech) with focus on integrated healthcare/care coordination & Population Health Management; digital transformation; eHealth & Healthcare IT; Healthcare Security


Dr. Sven Jansen is Executive Board member of NOVENTI Health SE. His scientific background is based on a Ph.D. in biochemistry/molecular medicine from the Harvad Medical School and the University of Bremen. He has over 20 years of experience in the Healthcare industry with different leading positions in international strategic consultancies like Booz Allen Hamilton/booz&co in Dubai and global healthcare companies like GE Healthcare in Paris & Chicago and CSC/DXC Technology in Germany. Within the NOVENTI Group, he is responsible for new business, innovation, strategic positioning, health data analytics, organizational and digital transformation, product development and sustainability.

Due to his scientific and professional career, his industry emphasis includes Healthcare (payer, provider, public funds) and Life Sciences (pharma, biotech/biosimilars, MedTech) with a focus on integrated healthcare/care coordination & population health management, digital transformation, eHealth & Healthcare IT, Healthcare Security, Health Policy, Health Data Analytics, Public Sector, Financial Services, and Private Equity.