Bernhard Calmer

Managing Director
Healthcare IT & Digitalization
CGM Clinical Europe GmbH


A “dinosaur in healthcare”

Ever since he began studying business administration in health care institutions in the summer of 1981, Bernhard Calmer has never changed the topic of health care. After completing his studies, he worked for the auditing firm Treyde & Stephan, which audited almost all of Hamburg’s hospitals at the time and provided business management advice to a number of them. He was then poached by a client to set up a cost and performance accounting and data processing (EDV) – department there. As a member of the management staff, he got to know the hospital from the inside with all its facets at the German Red Cross and Masonic Hospital, which was one of the first merged hospitals in Germany. After 9 years and the introduction of a new IT (medico), he was poached by the manufacturer of the software solution and has been walking the IT of the German healthcare sector ever since. The starting point was in 1994 the product development of administrative modules at the company Dataplan, this was taken over in 1998 by the American Shared Medical Systems Corp. ( SMS) and became SMS Dataplan. In 2000, Siemens aquired SMS and Mr. Calmer becomes the head of sales for software. In 2004, GSD GmbH with the product was aquired by Siemens and Mr. Calmer took over the management of business development and in particular the introduction of the product Soarian in Germany. Even after the takeover of Siemens Healthcare IT activities by Cerner Corp., he remained responsible for business development in Germany and for association and political network. In the meantime, his responsibilities expanded to Europe and Latin America. With the sale of parts of the German and Spanish business from Cerner to CGM 2020, he was appointed one of the managing directors of the newly founded CGM Clinical Europe GmbH.

Bernhard Calmer was a member of the board of the German Healthcare IT Association (bvitg) from February 2008 and its chairman from September 2011 to September 2014. Since October 2020, he has been re-elected to the board of the bvitg.