Dr. Anna Erat

Dr. med. Dr. phil.
Medical Director and Healthy Longevity Expert, Faculty University of St. Gallen, Speaker, Independent Board Member (INSEAD IDP), Mentor ETH


Parallel to finishing her PhD in epidemiology and health systems management, Anna studied medicine and conducted research at Harvard and University of Zurich medical schools. Following her post-doctoral research at Harvard, she specialized in internal and sports medicine in Switzerland and worked with athletes ranging from Swiss national team ice hockey players to formula one drivers.

Before her role as a medical director in Klinik Hirslanden, head of strategy for preventive medicine in the Hirslanden group, and her current role as managing director of the Longevity Center in Switzerland, she attended executive courses at Harvard Business School and finished the International Directors Program at INSEAD. 

Apart from mentoring at the ETH, being a clinical lecturer for the medical faculty at University of Zurich and faculty in the University of St. Gallen Executive School, she publishes regularly in both scientific journals and newspapers. Finally, she frequently gives talks on sustainable health, preventive medicine and longevity for the UN and the World Economic Forum among others. 

Anna is a Member of the Medical Board of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB and the Faculty of THE HEALTH CAPTAINS INSTITUTE for Healthy Longevity.