There will be no substitute for meeting in person


In the #NewNormal times after #COVID19 THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB wants to facilitate sustainable togetherness.


THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB has no focus to built or run is own conference system. Instead and because of the enormous number of events we try to navigate us together with our alliance partners through this jungle and organize sustainable meetings in person and in-between online to keep actions going.

Therefore we implement an Conference Track System and if you are missing an impactful conference you are welcome to give us your additional input anytime – because of the COVID19-Crisis we see now converging traditionell conference platforms synchronizing with the new digital formats as hybrid-systems. We want to take part in this development for our members and partners to built an strong alliance system for sustainable “Smart Health 4.0”:

  • Track 1: Global Conferences
  • Track 2: European Conferences
  • Track 3: National Conferences
  • Track 4: New (New Talents, New Science,  New Start-Up`s, New Solutions and Innovations)
  • Track 5: Showcase Events

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB Members are synchronizing together in an Working Continuum of CORE´s (5), THINK-TANK´S (15), BRAINPOOL´s (50) and SYMPOSIA (150). To keep the Neuroleadership-Experience going the maximum size of participants taking part in our self-organized events is limited to 150 – this corresponds to the Dunbar Number 150 and Tipping Point Number 150

This is our elementary internal organizational structure to achieve SYNAPTING to enable sustainable innovative and creative encounters for our speakers, chairs, members and our guests to publish together results towards HEALTH 4.0 and ONE HEALTH. In this way we overcome traditional ineffective patterns in our structure of action and interaction. We mustn’t lose any more time to finally arrive at a verifiably sustainable medicine after decades and to establish value-based One Health worldwide now.

The Club WORKING CONTINIUUM of 5, 15, 50, 150 by Dunbar

Join as Member our Working Continuum System of

We keep this structure for Online- and in Person-Meetings to navigate towards One Health together and to achieve Leadership for exploring sustainable Health.

Executive Summary: Leadership for Health 4.0

“At the latest in the face of the global corona pandemic, we have to completely restructure medicine, health sciences, health industry and the health systems worldwide towards sustainability. It is about human life, the life of our families and friends, our employees and colleagues, the life of those entrusted to us and it is about our life and our nature. Join the THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB – – with your input to synchronize action plans and strategies to accelerate the scaling and implementation of sustainable solutions and results. TOGETHER FIRST – from bench to bedside and from bedside to bench – it’s about time, now ! LEADERSHIP BEGINS WITH YOU. We will support your membership as HEALTH CAPTAIN – Welcome on Board!

THE HEALTH CAPTAINS CLUB is promoting for #NewNormal ONE HEALTH: “One Health” is built on a simple understanding – that human health, animal health and our shared environment are part of a deeply interconnected system. We connect the #OneHealth Concept with the global value-based Healthcare-Sustainability-Strategy to deliver Value for the individual Patient and equivalent for the health systems. Our Goal is to implement this global strategy for sustainable health identically as value-based strategy for the essential #OneHealth Approach to save live on this planet; some colleagues therefore call this approach also Planetary Health. So called green deals are not sustainable because they follow a fragmented strategy and don’t focus on One Health as the only holistic sustainable solution for the future of live on earth.

Dr. Henri Michael von Blanquet, President